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Study Visit: Entrepreneurial Skills


Study Visit: Entrepreneurial Skills



This study visit is an opportunity for partners from Drobeta Turnu Severin (Romania), Cities of Learning in the Netherlands, and Curacao Island of Learning, to meet, exchange and learn from each other about Entrepreneurial skills education and recognition. This activity is part of the project Digital technology for pathways to entrepreneurial skills and takes place in Drobeta Turnu Severin from 20-24 June 2022 (travel days included).

We, the Romanian Partner Youthopolis Association from Drobeta Turnu Severin, are very glad to host the 3 day Study visit on adult learning pathways to entrepreneurial skills, an activity within the KA2 Strategic Partnership on Adult Education Project “Digital technology for pathways to entrepreneurial skills”, funded by Erasmus+ program.

Aim & objectives
The aim of the event is to exchange and learn from practices of validating and recognizing prior learning and skills development in adult learning programs focused on entrepreneurial skills.

The following objectives are set for this study visit:
  • share methods, tools and practices to validate prior learning and skills in entrepreneurial competence area
  • develop ideas for Open Badges based pathways to validate and recognize prior learning and skills of adult learners
  • share and analyse Open Badges based skills pathways and competence frameworks in adult learning programs focused on entrepreneurial skills
  • exchange examples of how to involve and support adult learners with special needs
  • test technical developments and give feedback to improve skills pathway digital solution on Cities of Learning platform

Profile of participants
If you have been selected as a participant for this study visit, it means you are:
  • a staff member who is directly involved in delivering adult learning programs focused on entrepreneurial skills
  • a participants who will represent a combination of roles: adult learning facilitators, managers of the programmes, staff involved in skill assessment
  • interested in and committed to use digital technology of Cities of Learning for adult learning programmes
  • planning to be involved in and contribute to the activities of this project.

Expected results
  • The staff of partner organisations will exchange good practices and develop capacity necessary to implement innovative solutions of digital technology to map and implement adult learning pathways to entrepreneurial skills.
  • The partners will be able to transfer effective methods, tools and practices to their adult learning programmes.

Activities to complete

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#social entreprise
#share through digital technologies
#work for public inclusion
#create mock-ups
#show entrepreneurial spirit
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